Saturday, January 15, 2011

$0.17 Black Bean Burgers!

Hello everyone!
I started this blog to better document my search for cheap, low-carb, vegan and vegetarian food.
I have always had a hard time understanding why vegetarian foods were more expensive. I mean, they come from plants, right? So they should be cheaper. Well, I found out that they can be cheaper if you make them yourself. A lot cheaper!

Exhibit A:
The Black Bean Burger.

I love veggie burgers, but $1 per veggie patty? That's ridiculous.
My recipe costs about $2.00 and makes 12 veggie patties! That's only $0.17 per patty! (Or more technically $0.1666666666)

Here's how you make them:

1 lb. bag Black Beans ($1.25)
2 cups Flour ($0.25)
1 tbls Salt (>$.01)
2 tbls Mesquite Flavoring (≈$0.25)
1 tbls Cumin (≈$0.10)
1 tbls Garlic Powder (≈$0.05)
1 tbls Black Pepper (≈$0.05)
Vegetable Oil for frying.


1. Cook black beans per directions on the bag. (Usually you sort and rinse them, soak them for a day, and then drain, add water, and boil for an hour. In this case, a little longer wouldn't hurt.)
2. Drain completely, and put in a very large bowl.
3. Using either your hands, or a mixer, start mashing the beans to a refried bean consistency.
4. While blending, add all dry ingredients. Make sure you blend them in evenly! :)
5. Now, clean off your beaters, and form your bean-mash into burger patty shapes. For best results, make them no thicker than 3/8".
6. I usually freeze the extras with wax paper between them in a ziplock container.
7. Take what your are going to fix now, and fry on medium heat until they are a nice dark burger color. They should get crispy on the outside. As you're frying them you can add more spices to taste. I usually sprinkle more mesquite flavor, garlic powder, and salt.

Since I'm low-carbing it, I eat these with either sauteed mushrooms and onions, or maybe some lettuce or other vegetables, and ketchup or other condiments. Pickles. Gotta have pickles.

Hope you enjoy it!